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Mboh opo iki

programming technique and programming elements:
programming technique and programming elements
programming presentation manner

programming technique
1. program name
2. program aim

3. formula exist in in program
4. flowchart program
5. example listing program that at make
6. program sampe result that so
7. then prsentasi the program result
8. question and answer

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programming element
elements in programming language

1. rule lectical
that is rule that used in form a declaration, also statement up to be a program intact

2. token
element smallest in programming language that has important meaning for compiler

3. comment
text or comment collection that ignored by compiler. comment very good for give note hits certain program part as reflection both for programmer itself or for another person that read program

4. indetifier
be character collection that used as sign for name variable, data type name, procedure function or for example identifier true
" s_nama" and " no_telp"

5. keyword or reserved word
be words that there [are] or defined by programming language concerned

6. operator
used to declare a calculation or operation

operator kinds
1. arithmatic operator
operator that used to do mathematics operator

2. asignment operator
used to give value a identifier (: = in pascal)

3. bitwise and logical operator
used to do beet operation and logic

4. relational operator
used to compare value two operand

5. operator pointer
used to do operation operand shaped pointer

6. asignment statement
statement that used to give value to a variable

example pascal:
a: =10; b; =a*2
c: =c*b;
student [i. id: =12;

language c
a=10; b=a*2;
student[i. id=12;

1. statement for denominating function or procedure
that is statement that call function or procedure that defined p there program
example in language c:
calculate (a, b);
b=getlength(student[i. name);
cetak(a, b);

2. jump statement
that is statement that used to jump over statements other
example in language c

3. passing by value (passed by according to value)
if in procedure or function done parameter value change that letted pass according to parameter, so parameter value actually doesn't come along to change

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4. passing by reference
if in procedure or function done parameter value change that letted pass according to parameter, so parameter value actually also will


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