Senin, 10 Oktober 2011

Kostum cosplay terbaik 2012

“With the terrible events that happened in Japan on March 11th, 2011, and continuing repercussions, Cosplayers from all over the world have come together to support the country that has inspired them. Cosplay for a Causes‘ mission is to use love of costuming to raise money for the Japanese Red Cross Society to assist in Japan’s Disaster relief aid.We are currently offering a 2012 calendar which contains international cosplayers with many never before seen photos. 100% of all our proceeds will be going to the Japanese Red Cross society.” When I read this article, I decide to present you The 2012 Calendar from Cosplay For A Cause – they’re really doing great thing! This is a tribute to their cosplayers – because we still didn’t purchase the original Calendar.

Jennifer Barclay as Lilith from Dark Stalkers

cosplay 2012 calendar01


Marie-Claude Bourbonnais as Yoko from Gurren Lagann

cosplay 2012 calendar02


Thaís Yuki as Samus (Blue Suit) from Metroid

cosplay 2012 calendar03


Francesca Dani as Princess Zelda from Twilight Princess

cosplay 2012 calendar04


Zan as Sailormoon

cosplay 2012 calendar05


Yaya Han as Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop

cosplay 2012 calendar06


Alodia Gosiengfiao as I-No from Guilty Gear

cosplay 2012 calendar07


Elena Litvinova as Jessie from Pokemon

cosplay 2012 calendar08


Linda Le (Vampy) as Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion

cosplay 2012 calendar09


Lindze Merritt as Morrigan from DarkStalkers

cosplay 2012 calendar10


Ginny McQueen as Cutey Honey from Cutey Honey

cosplay 2012 calendar11


Riky LeCotey (Riddle) as Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell

cosplay 2012 calendar12


Catherine Jones as Chun Li From Street Fighter

cosplay 2012 calendar13

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