Rabu, 12 Oktober 2011

Kerjasama facebook dengan iPhone

Facebook finally comes to Apple tablets. After several delays and disappointments, the official implementation of the famous social network is now available for iPad and iPad 2. And the wait will be worth it, since the application quue allows us to better enjoy Facebook, but fails in the unavailability of Facebook Credits.

Much had been speculated on the official Facebook application for the Apple iPhone. Rumors ran as was postponed again and again the final launch date. A delay even prompted the departure of Jeff Verkoeyen Apple, project manager, being very angry with the treatment that the company gave to this matter. Jeff said he was frustrated to be working long hours for not seeing its fruits and ... began his march to Google. After its abandonment came speculation about the possible release date of the application and it was not until today when, finally, after almost half a year of work, effort and, why not say, ranting, the official Facebook application arrives at the Apple tablet.

It comes with a familiar image

The application shows a very similar to what we saw in the first version of last July. There is a column on the left side of the screen to navigate through the choices of friends, groups, messages, photos, chat, etc. .. The idea is that the user feels as if on the same page of the famous social network, only without being on a computer, but on your tablet.

An enhanced experience

This new Facebook application for iPad has improved the experience, especially when viewing photos, as in this version can be viewed full size photos and even through the typical zoom zoom we do with your fingers on the screen of the iPhone . Also you can play full screen. Something similar happens with the videos may also be viewed full screen for better enjoyment of them. If you want more videos you can use Facebook to AirPlay giving you freedom of use and total movements for this type of multimedia content. One thing to note is that this application will not support the virtual currency of the social network Facebok Credits. It seems that the percentage that Apple wants to charge whatever is made from their devices has been the fundamental obstacle to implement this provision in the new application.

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